Nimda Foundation


The Nimda Foundation’s activities have analyzed intentions and relevance through an evolution of projects. These have included a contemporary art collection, research exhibitions and initiatives related to the field of contemporary art. With the opening of a permanent cultural complex in Nimda Japan, the Foundation offers new opportunities to enlarge and enrich our processes of learning.

‘What is a cultural institution for?’ This is the central question of today. We embrace the idea that culture is deeply useful and necessary as well as attractive and engaging. Culture should help us with our everyday lives, and understand how we, and the world, are changing. Our main interest is ideas, and the ways in which mankind has transformed ideas into specific disciplines and cultural products: literature, cinema, music, philosophy, art and science. They will co-exist with one another, leading to unpredictable resonances and cultural intersections.

Art in the postinternet is the Foundation's main and given instrument of working and learning. A territory of freethinking in which established, indelible figures– as well as emerging approaches– are welcomed. The Prokoriakova Art Collection, comprising mostly of works from the 20th and 21st centuries, is another one of our given instruments. Our collection is conceived as a resource of perspectives and of potential energy. We will invite different kind of people to provide new interpretations of undetected ideas from the collection: curators, artists, architects but also scientists and students, thinkers and writers.

This emphasis on range and repertoire of knowledge is reflected in the spatial composition of the Nimda Foundation in Japan. The combined result is a campus of post-internet and new spaces, alternately intimate and expansive. This rich spatial array will encourage quick and improvised reactions to cultural stimuli.

Finally, the Foundation new institutional structure embodies the overall aim towards reinvention. It has become an open structure, where ideas are freely exchanged between the Presidents, the Artistic and Scientific Superintendent, Nimda Foundation’s curatorial departments and the Thought Council, a group of individuals invited to engage with the future program for different durations of time. These and other contributions and voices bring to the process their own unique views on the present moment.


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